Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Turkey before and after the Adoption of Inflation Targeting Regime

Özcan Karahan
2017 Financial Assets and Investing  
The impact of exchange rate change on the domestic price level which is called as exchange rate pass through has long been of interest in international economics literature. Along with the application of inflation targeting regime widely, the focus of this interest has also evolved to examine the changes in degree and speed of exchange rate pass through under inflation targeting regime. Turkey, adopted Inflation Targeting (IT) as a monetary regime between 2001 and 2006 implicitly and then
more » ... itly and then explicitly, exhibits which was a genuine experience to be analyzed in this respect. From this point of view, the goal of the study is to provide a time-series analysis of exchange rate pass-through for Turkish economy based on single equation Error Correction Model estimation using the monthly data under pre-IT period 1995-2000 and post-IT period 2006-2014. Thus, we try to clarify the effectiveness of inflation targeting regime as monetary policy on the exchange rate pass-through. The findings of the study indicate that the exchange rate pass-through decreased in the post-IT period compared to pre-IT period. Accordingly, it can be argued that the implication of inflation targeting regime reduced exchange rate pass through in Turkey.
doi:10.5817/fai2017-2-3 fatcat:4fnisqjhkbhqvnaabgj5ku3zcy