Methods and Limitations [chapter]

Marca V. C. Wolfensberger
2014 Talent Development in European Higher Education  
The main aim of this book is to present an overview of the available information about educational offers for talented students in higher education in 11 European countries and place it in the relevant local educational and societal context with regard to excellence. The research team, apart from the author, consisted of a project leader and seven honors students and alumni, who worked on the gathering of data from different countries. They were all instructed about the background of the
more » ... h and the defi nitions used. At the start of this project, the team had little idea what info could be found. Especially in the starting stages, cues and clues to information were found in different ways. The gathering of data was structured, as described below, but readers should keep in mind that this book is based on explorative research. Scientifi cally, its main aim is to open up new information and make informed suggestions for further research, delving deeper into different aspects of honors education in order to spread knowledge about the subject among honors educators, students, policy makers and others involved in higher education. Apart from general and theoretical information already discussed, the information in this book is divided into two types:
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