Mixed Red Ginger (zingiber offinale var rubrum) with Turmeric (curcuma longa) as Feed Additive to Improve Conversion Meat Protein Broiler

Tuti Widjastuti, Dani Garnida, Wiwin Tanwiriah, Roostita L. Balia
2020 Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
Purpose : The purpose of this study was to determine the optimal levels of a mixture of red ginger and turmeric meal with a ratio of 1 : 1 as feed additive on the conversion meat protein broiler. Research Method : This study used 100 DOC broiler chickens that were kept until 35 days old. The experimental design used was a CRD with 4 treatment levels and five replications each. The treatments consisted of P0 (basal ration without a mixture of red ginger and turmeric meal), P1= 0.5% mixture red
more » ... 0.5% mixture red ginger and turmeric meal, P2 = 1 % mixture red ginger and turmeric meal and P3 = 1.5 % mixture red ginger and turmeric meal. The parameters observed were protein consumption, body weight gain, protein conversion, and meat protein conversion. Findings : Research showed that the P1 and P2 were not significantly different from the conversion value of meat protein but the meat protein conversion value was significantly lower compared to treatment P0 and P3. This finding indicates that diet given that contains a mixture of red ginger and turmeric meal 1% (P2) were still able to support the good result to meat protein conversion value of broiler. Value : It is better to maintain broiler with a mixture of turmeric and ginger 1% and in order to produce a profitable maintenance, this is a useful evidence for breeders and animal husbandry experts.
doi:10.4038/jas.v15i2.8807 fatcat:54g6ahwmpne4hib4nczzcctmay