Analysis on the Function of Satellite-Based Microwave Data in Tropical Cyclone Monitoring

杰颖 何
2017 Climate Change Research Letters  
Based on the development of the satellite-based microwave data in the monitoring of tropical cyclones at home and abroad, this paper analyzes the distribution of temperature, humidity, precipitation and movement path when cyclone named Sarika (No. 201621) happened. Also, using the NCEP reanalysis data and WRF numerical model in the same domain to generate the atmospheric data with higher temporal and spatial resolution, and analyze the internal dynamic and the moving path of the cyclone in the
more » ... the cyclone in the pressure level of 250 hpa. Combining with simulation and observation of satellite-based microwave payloads, the prediction of path is compared with the actual path by monitoring. The results shows that satellite-based microwave data as a valid complement can be used in the business forecasting system in the facet of precipitation and moving path of tropical cyclone. Keywords Microwave Data, Tropical Cyclone, Microwave Humidity and Temperature Sounder, NCEP/WRF, Moving Path 星载微波数据在热带气旋监测中的应用 何杰颖 1 ,郭 杨 2 ,张升伟 1 ,刘 浩 1 1 中国科学院国家空间科学中心,中国科学院微波遥感技术重点实验室,北京 2 国家卫星气象中心,北京 收稿日期:2017年7月8日;录用日期:2017年7月22日;发布日期:2017年7月25日 何杰颖 等 203 摘 要 基于国内外星载微波数据在热带气旋监测中的发展, 本文利用风云三号微波湿温探测仪(FY-3C MWHTS) 在轨观测数据,对2016年典型热带气旋莎莉嘉发生过程的大气三维温湿度垂直分布、降水分布以及热带 气旋移动路径进行分析,并采用NCEP再分析资料和WRF数值模式对该时空区域数据进行高时空分辨率 数值模拟,分析250 hPa附近大气环流场对台风内部动力和移动路径进行分析,结合星载微波数据,联 合预测台风路径, 并与实测台风移动路径进行比较。 结果证明, 结合数值模拟数据和星载微波实测数据, 能够有效预测降雨区域和移动路径,为目前热带气旋业务预报提供有效的补充资料。 关键词 微波数据,热带气旋,微波湿温探测仪,NCEP/WRF,移动路径
doi:10.12677/ccrl.2017.63022 fatcat:qphdkiz5dnf6be66nzlgm2v43u