Study on Oxidation of Benzhydrol and Þ-Chlorobenzhydrol by Selenium Dioxide: Reaction Kinetics

2019 International Journal of Advanced Research in Chemical Science  
The oxidation kinetics of benzhydrol and para-chlorobenzhydrol involving rare earth compound selenium dioxide as an oxidant in acetic acid-water medium in presence of H 2 SO 4 have been studied in order to probe better reaction mechanism. The reactions obey first-order kinetics in [SeO 2 ] and [substrate] and sensitized to H + ions. The ionic strength on rate of reaction has nominal effect. An increase in rate with increasing percentage of solvent was observed. ~I and + mesomeric effects
more » ... eric effects dominate the order of reactivity in conformity with Arrhenius parameters.
doi:10.20431/2349-0403.0602001 fatcat:xscjbt7trbbi3pn4a7hg25jvgm