Characteristic Mode Approach to Understanding a Capacitively Fed Crossed Bow-tie Antenna [thesis]

Austin Balcaen
The Theory of Characteristic Modes and subsequently characteristic mode analysis is a unique way to analyze antennas. It allows the response of the antenna to be decomposed into the sum of its parts. Each part (mode) has a basic response and is more intuitive to understand. In this thesis, two structures are analyzed using characteristic mode analysis; a simple bow-tie antenna and a complex capacitively fed crossed bow-tie antenna. The bow-tie antenna was modified through visual inspection of
more » ... e eigencurrent for two excited modes. Perpendicular stubs placed at an eigencurrent null for the third order mode and close to an eigencurrent maximum for the first order mode reduced the modal resonance of the third order mode by 1.8 GHz while reducing the modal resonance of the first order mode by 25 MHz. Sparameter measurements of the fabricated bow-tie structure with and without stubs closely correlated to simulated results. I am
doi:10.22215/etd/2021-14382 fatcat:2e5db5xerrarrdzj4m2xy5syey