The Machine as Artist: An Introduction

Glenn Smith, Frederic Fol Leymarie
2017 Arts  
With the understanding that art and technology are continuing to experience an historic and rapidly intensifying rapprochement-but with the understanding as well that accounts thereof have tended to be constrained by scientific/engineering rigor on the one hand, or have tended to swing to the opposite extreme-it is the goal of this special issue of Arts to provide an opportunity for artists, humanists, scientists, and engineers to consider this development from the broader perspective which it
more » ... rspective which it deserves, while at the same time retaining a focus on what must surely be the emerging core of our subject: the state of the art in mechatronics and computation is such that we can now begin to speak comfortably of the machine as artist-and we can begin to hope, as well, that an aesthetic sensitivity on the part of the machine might help lead to a friendlier and more sensitive machine intelligence in general.
doi:10.3390/arts6020005 fatcat:w5ds6ovdajftpae62qs4nk5heq