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1889 Scientific American  
by weighmg a veEsel of kncwn volume, first exhausted using about 100 feet, and introduce it in shunt with a nm, thep full of air the difference of weights represent-resistance in the other branch of one-tenth ohm. This ing the weight of air contained. you can !ret from a piece of lamp carbon, uncoated, ],2 inch diameter and 12 inches long. Your best plan is to put in a longer piece of carbon wIth a sliding contact, connect your cOli, and slide the contact along until proper power isJ attained.
more » ... ower isJ attained. If you have to puy for all the current, this method is, of course, very uneconomical. (1345) J. P. asks for (1) the receipt for making red fire. A. Mix 9 parts nitrate of strontium; 3 varts powdered sheilac, and 1],2 parts chlorate of potaRh. 2. Also for making quick match composition.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10051889-219a fatcat:q7nivxjopne7bhutiiuuvz32cq