Disaggregated data on age and sex for the first 250 days of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bucharest, Romania

Marian-Gabriel Hâncean, Maria Cristina Ghiță, Matjaž Perc, Jürgen Lerner, Iulian Oană, Bianca-Elena Mihăilă, Adelina Alexandra Stoica, David-Andrei Bunaciu
2022 Scientific data 9(1)  
Experts worldwide have constantly been calling for high-quality open-access epidemiological data, given the fast-evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Disaggregated high-level granularity records are still scant despite being essential to corroborate the effectiveness of virus containment measures and even vaccination strategies. We provide a complete dataset containing disaggregated epidemiological information about all the COVID-19 patients officially reported during the first 250 days of
more » ... the COVID-19 pandemic in Bucharest (Romania). We give the sex, age, and the COVID-19 infection confirmation date for 46,440 individual cases, between March 7 th and November 11 th , 2020. Additionally, we provide context-wise information such as the stringency levels of the measures taken by the Romanian authorities. We procured the data from the local public health authorities and systemized it to respond to the urgent international need of comparing observational data collected from various populations. Our dataset may help understand COVID-19 transmission in highly dense urban communities, perform virus spreading simulations, ascertain the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions, and craft better vaccination strategies.
doi:10.18154/rwth-2022-06477 fatcat:n6t6s2nk2vgmjavuogw7slvyve