Metabolism of cyclopropane fatty acids by Ochromonas danica [thesis]

Welsonia Jamlang Magat
Page INTRODUCTION; la REVIEW OP TPE LITERATURE 2 EXPERIMENTAL PROCEDURE 22 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 42 NUMMARY 86 BIBLIOGRAPHY 88 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 94 APPENDIX 95 le INTRODUCTION Cyclopropane fatty acids, particularly lactobacillic acid (cis-ll,12-methylene octadecanoic acid) and its Cyj analog (cis-9,10-methylene hexadecanoic acid) occur in appreciable amounts in a number of bacterial species. Their structures, chemical nature and t]ie mechanisms in volved in their biosynthesis have been studied
more » ... have been studied in detail. How ever, their metabolism and function in bacterial cells are still unknown. Studies in higher animals have suggested the degradation of cyclopropane fatty acids to the ring and ^e inability to convert the labeled methylene carbon of the cyclopropane fatty acids to carbon dioxide, resulting in the accumulation of shorter-chain cyclopropane fatty acids. No such accumulation has been detected in microorganisms indicating complete de gradation of cyclopropane fatty acids in microorganisms feeding on bacteria which contain these acids. Ochromonas danica, being a heterotrophic and phagotrophic biflagellated protozoan, feeds on bacteria and is likely to be able to metabolize the cyclopropane fatty acid contained in these organisms. Moreover, some investigations have indicated the metabolism of acetate and fatty acids by 0. danica. Cul tures of 0. danica can be readily maintained on a chemically defined medium. For these reasons 0, danica has been chosen for the study of the metabolism of cyclopropane fatty acids. lb The objectives of this study are primarily to determine whether propionate is produced in the oxidation of cyclo propane fatty acids, to detect the intermediates of fatty acid metabolism in O. danica and to ascertain whether 0. danica can cleave the cyclopropane rings of biosynthetically pre pared labeled cyclopropane fatty acids. 2
doi:10.31274/rtd-180813-1612 fatcat:s6ceacaz35ebdim2aoyyfhzhx4