Deep Multi-Modal Metric Learning with Multi-Scale Correlation for Image-Text Retrieval

Yan Hua, Yingyun Yang, Jianhe Du
2020 Electronics  
Multi-modal retrieval is a challenge due to heterogeneous gap and a complex semantic relationship between different modal data. Typical research map different modalities into a common subspace with a one-to-one correspondence or similarity/dissimilarity relationship of inter-modal data, in which the distances of heterogeneous data can be compared directly; thus, inter-modal retrieval can be achieved by the nearest neighboring search. However, most of them ignore intra-modal relations and
more » ... ated semantics between multi-modal data. In this paper, we propose a deep multi-modal metric learning method with multi-scale semantic correlation to deal with the retrieval tasks between image and text modalities. A deep model with two branches is designed to nonlinearly map raw heterogeneous data into comparable representations. In contrast to binary similarity, we formulate semantic relationship with multi-scale similarity to learn fine-grained multi-modal distances. Inter-modal and intra-modal correlations constructed on multi-scale semantic similarity are incorporated to train the deep model in an end-to-end way. Experiments validate the effectiveness of our proposed method on multi-modal retrieval tasks, and our method outperforms state-of-the-art methods on NUS-WIDE, MIR Flickr, and Wikipedia datasets.
doi:10.3390/electronics9030466 fatcat:32bdzztgx5g3vbrrxutyfebufq