"Marxism in Contemporary Western Archaeology", Bruce G. Trigger in Archaeological Method and Theory, Volume 5, edited by Michael B . Schiffer. Tucson, Unversity of Arizona Press 1993

James A. Delle
1993 Bulletin of the History of Archaeology  
Professor Trigger's contribution to Schiff er' s volwne is a well-reasoned and significant consideration of the influence of Marxist thought on the work of number of contemporary archaeologists. He is more critical of recent developments within Marxist archaeol ogy than is McGuire; the article stands as a challenge to those who utilize Marxist ideas to reconsider the direction they have lately taken. In this article Trigger demonstrdtes his thorough knowledge of both Marxist theory and the
more » ... theory and the social history of archaeology (hete I am following Trigger's convention by capitalizing "Marxist"). Although his consideration of the contributions of Marxists to Western archaeology is generally sympathetic. he is unafraid to criticize where he feels it is appropriate. Like McGu ire, Trigger offers critical insight on the relationship between Marxist. philosophy and archacolo!,ty; unlike McGuire, Trigger explicitly limits his discussion to Western Europe and Nurth Americ;.l. Trigger h(�gins his P.lllCf with .. V('ry sU('cjnct discllssion of Marx iSIII .1. 0; he contcnds it W -pite confusion on what arc and what are nOl Marxist ideas, the nco-MarxisL'i have made positive contributions to �'rchaeologic.al lh()lIght, includ ing a m.\jor role in hreaking the hegemony over methodology that was once held by proccssuu\ m-chul'.o\ogy.
doi:10.5334/bha.03203 fatcat:sfbou6ewonauhi75xwch22ryzu