Evaluating Intervertebral Foramen Measurements for Patients with Anterior Cervical Disc Surgery in Oblique CT

Ömer Faruk ŞAHİN, Mehmet Semih ÇAKIR, Muhammet Teoman KARAKURT, Veysel ANTAR
Objective: It is particularly difficult to determine the level of radiculopathy pain. Because radicular pain usually doesn't fit the dermatomal map. unlike the foramen lumbar vertebrae, where the cervical nerve root is exerted, it has a slope of approximately 45 degrees to the vertebrae in the axical plane and 10-15 degrees in the horizontal plane. Due to this structure of cervical foremen, the evaluation of conventional ct results in incorrect or incomplete diagnosis. In our study, we compared
more » ... the change in cervical foramen patients with anterior cervical discectomy and cage (fusion) to oblique ct reconstructive and preop and postop. Methods: CT images were acquired in a 64 slice CT system (60-80 mAs, 120 kVp, FC86 reconstruction core and 2.0 mm slice thickness at 2.0 mm intervals). Oblique sagittal images were created with OsiriX Lite v. 12.0.1 version and measurements were performed. For each level, the area has been measured in addition to the short and long axle length of the neural foramens from the pre-op and post-op oblique sagittal images. Results: In our study, 98 cervical intervertebral foramen oblique CT de preop-postop, long axle, short axle and field measurements were evaluated with 43 patients from 16/01/2019 to 03/02/2020, 3 patients with two levels of anterior ceral discectomy + interbody cage. Right side, long axle, short axle, and area respectively; 13,37%, 5,99%, 16,87% increase. Left side, long axle, short axle, and area respectively, increased by 14,27%, 7,11%, 23,20% Conclusion: The cage, which is placed on the intervertebral level, will increase the area of the foramen, increase the space of the foramen, and allow the nerve to decompression. This is why it is necessary to insert the material with the highest height of the intervertebral disk level that can be placed during surgery.
doi:10.19127/mbsjohs.1013024 fatcat:taffuv2xpzejpcs3hlkmip3acm