1914 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
MAY 9, ?9I41 IRELAND. -r Ta Bar 04 L MZDICAL J 104r first chlange; eaclh year begins wvitl the winter session, consequently, since the fiftlh year ends witlh a summer term, the wlhole curriculu-m for the student beginning in suinmmer consists of five years and a suimmner. The second change is that eaclh year coinsists of tlhree terms of, roughly, tlhtee montlhs eaclh-two in the winter and onie in the sunmmer. The valie of the divisioni of tlhe wvinter session inlto two teriims becomes
more » ... s becomes miianiifest wlhen the later years arc conisidered, iin wbich, for instance, one section of the men of tlle year attends dermatology before Clhristnmas and anotlher (different) section after it. It is a
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.2784.1041 fatcat:yca3ywoxtjexbjlsphuopbimha