1857 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
ON THE USE OF THE POLYNETER. il*o. 9, BalZ-aiid-soc.tet'iig-stic& !l'r+otl (extra). ~1-0. 10, 7'ropoi.tioitnt Coiiipm.-Threc conipamtirc graduations for circler, planes, and solids. SO. 11, CdiLrc Coii"ns8cs.-Callipcr scales on the rct'crsc of tho dkc, for dinmeters of bnlh and tIrcirncigIit. Sliding'rule from 1) to 18 inches for internal calibre. Zio. 12, Uiiiverral Scaks nttd Trinitgle, Paralld Xi!ler.-23 linear English graduations from 2 to 2.4 to tho inch, including those of
more » ... ng those of Marquois' scales. Three foreign. Foreign mile ladder. KO. 13, Trljonoi;ister..-Line of lines with graduated squnrc, being o Sining-Rod for sines, with o Vernier's scale. Graduated thrco-quarter circlc, with Vernier of No. 1 for angks. 110. 14, rSZop-gaicge, a substitutc for pickets and tapes in throwing up parapets, &c. tho combination of KO. 13 with 1 of Ro. 5. KO. 15, SlaJiuai for taking ctLfance8 at 8igAt. A-0. 16, Slaiidatrl of tccigld. X o . 17, Tlt+~iiio~izCttr (extra). KO. 18, Case and Skicl&g-iaLlcls. To be liad at Elliott Brotlms, Strand, London.
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