Non-Cooperative Passive Direct Localization Based on Waveform Estimation

Tao Zhou, Wei Yi, Lingjiang Kong
2021 Remote Sensing  
This paper considers a non-cooperative passive localization system wherein widely distributed receivers are used to localize a transmitter radiating a periodical pulse pair signal. Two possible pulse modulation models, noncoherent and coherent pulses, are fully considered for practical application, and are effectively unified as a general model for the algorithm design. To achieve highly accurate and robust localization performance, an enhanced direct position determination (DPD) algorithm
more » ... DPD) algorithm based on waveform estimation (WE) is devised to jointly estimate the transmitter position and the waveform profile. The optimal objective function based on a least square (LS) principle is first derived to directly determine the position of the transmitter. Due to the complete lack of knowledge on the transmitted signal, the processing center calculates the objective function at each searched grid of interest by using estimated pulses instead of the real ones, while extraction of pulse samples and estimation of waveform are executed. Theoretical derivation gives the solution to estimate the non-parameterized waveform with a structure of maximum Rayleigh quotient. Additionally, simulation results verify the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm for many common waveform types in the cases of transmitting noncoherent and coherent pulses, and also show the excellent advantage over the classical DPD algorithm at low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
doi:10.3390/rs13020264 fatcat:h73k53b6w5h67eez5q7oapllgu