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1943 Proceedings of the IRE  
400 so "The listening is often as important in this man's war as the doing or the talking-so when I throw it over to a reconnaissance plane, an observation post or general headqiarters-this headset better work and work right." R(OGER-soldier, it will work okay! It will work as right as precision manufacturing, careful inspection and the determination of Utah workmen can make it. Headphones are only one of the many products now being manufactured by Utah for the armed forces. A wide range of
more » ... trical and electronic devices is now being built in the Utah factories-important parts that must be made with split-hair precision in order to take their vital places on the fighting or war production fronts. It may be that you have a wartime problem that can be solved with Utah parts. Utah engineers are experienced in electrical an-d electronic problems. Utah production men are familiar with all the angles of producing precision work in quantity and on time. Write today for full information.
doi:10.1109/jrproc.1943.231006 fatcat:dtucsjttpjhzviludsnwaydrbi