Antiferromagnetic interlayer exchange coupling in all-semiconductingEuS∕PbS∕EuStrilayers

C. J. P. Smits, A. T. Filip, H. J. M. Swagten, B. Koopmans, W. J. M. de Jonge, M. Chernyshova, L. Kowalczyk, K. Grasza, A. Szczerbakow, T. Story, W. Palosz, A. Yu. Sipatov
2004 Physical Review B  
A comprehensive experimental study on the antiferromagnetic interlayer exchange coupling in high quality epitaxial all-semiconducting EuS/ PbS/ EuS trilayers is reported. The influence of substrates, of the thickness of the nonmagnetic PbS spacer layer, and of temperature was investigated by means of SQUID magnetometry. In trilayers with a PbS thickness between 4 and 12 Å the low temperature hysteresis loops showed the signature of antiferromagnetic coupling. The value of the interlayer
more » ... coupling energy was determined by simulating the data based on a Stoner-Wohlfarth model. An important observation was that the interlayer exchange coupling energy varies strongly with temperature, consistent with a power-law dependence of the exchange coupling constant on the saturation magnetization of the EuS layers. While no theoretical description is readily available, we conjecture that the observed behavior is due to a dependence of the interlayer exchange coupling energy on the exchange splitting of the EuS bands.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.69.224410 fatcat:r7i6y2cwgjbfrgvb3o7r4pcojm