Sangita N.Gujar .
2014 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
Through this Project our expectation is that the car should start when authorized persons send predefined message on the External SIM. Otherwise the car is locked. Smart vehicle sends current locations on the different predefined mobile numbers. In this situation owner calls on External SIM for the first time, then the car should stop & when the user calls second time, then the vehicle will start automatically. Also, When the car is in motion and suddenly Obstacle occurring in front of the
more » ... n front of the vehicle, then the sensor should detect barrier, (may be small or big) car should break automatic. And try to search alternate path in case of an accident. For immediate help and send that message to an owner and care center. In that Short Message Service it is should send current place latitude and longitude, Time, Speed in knots, Date, obtained from Global Positioning, Therefore, using that latitude and longitude, we find location on earth and we may provide fast help in an emergency. The Car should also break if the car is on wrong driving track and automatically re-track car. The Micro Controller PIC18F26K22 interfaces with Infrared sensors and Ultrasonic sensor that continuously detect, track, and the vehicle is in motion. If an Infrared sensor output detects off road path, then Micro controller immediately slows down the vehicle speed and try to move the vehicle back on path depending on track sensor output. In this project Micro controller is programmed using embedded C language and built using MPLAP.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2014.0315010 fatcat:5c3jzsrb75dwfftukq2mwvvauy