Polyaniline/AgCl Hybrid Materials for Selective Determination of Dopamine by Electrochemical Methods

Shuangli Zhou, Manyuan Xie, Xiaoli Yuan, Fulong Zeng, Wujun Zou, Dingsheng Yuan
2012 American Journal of Analytical Chemistry  
A promising electrochemical sensor based on PANI/AgCl hybrid material has been developed. The organic/inorganic hybrid material has exhibited good electrocatalytic properties by cyclic voltammetry measurement and differential pulse voltammetry. The oxidation overpotential of dopamine decreased dramatically, and the oxidation peak current increased significantly at PANI/AgCl/GCE compared to those obtained at PANI/GCE, AgCl/GCE and bare GCE, corresponding to the synergistic effect between PANI
more » ... inorganic particle AgCl. Under the optimized conditions, the linear response in the concentration range of 0.7 to 6.0 μM for the selective determination dopamine on the PANI/AgCl/GCE is obtained with a detection limit of 5.4 × 10 -8 M (S/N = 3) using differential pulse voltammetry. The results indicated that the modified electrode can be used to determine dopamine without the interference from ascorbic acid and ensure high sensitivity and good selectivity.
doi:10.4236/ajac.2012.35051 fatcat:l7e72krkbrhezksy5exed2i5aq