An aspect-oriented approach for modeling self-organizing emergent structures

Linda M. Seiter, Daniel W. Palmer, Marc Kirschenbaum
2006 Proceedings of the 2006 international workshop on Software engineering for large-scale multi-agent systems - SELMAS '06  
Multi-agent systems must be engineered to ensure that desirable system-level properties will consistently emerge from the complex interactions of the underlying agents, while also guaranteeing that undesirable behavior will be suppressed. We present an Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework for modeling, visualizing and manipulating emergent structure in multi-agent systems. By encapsulating the macroscopic structure, we can identify undesirable patterns of behavior at a higher level of
more » ... traction. The identification of such patterns allows us to implement a feedback loop to steer the behavior of the lower level agents towards actions favorable for the emergence of a reliable solution. AOP facilitates the modeling of the system-wide behavior, thus it serves as a valuable tool for building confidence that a given multi-agent system will consistently meet its requirements.
doi:10.1145/1138063.1138075 fatcat:5v6ryhjyp5am7khma3gj3ayxwm