Construction of a chimeric human gene encoding renalase with a modified N-terminus

V.I. Fedchenko, A.A. Kaloshin, N.I. Kozlova, A.T. Kopylov, A.E. Medvedev
2020 Biomedical Chemistry Research and Methods  
Renalase (RNLS) is a recently discovered protein that plays different roles inside and outside cells. Extracellular RNLS exhibits protective effects on the cell, acting on its receptor proteins, while intracellular RNLS acts as FAD-dependent oxidoreductase (EC The ratio of the intracellular and extracellular forms of this protein, as well as the mechanisms and factors responsible for its transport from the cell, remain unknown. One of the approaches to studying these issues can be the
more » ... creation of chimeric forms of this protein with modified fragments of its amino acid sequences. This work describes a method for constructing a chimeric human RNLS gene encoding RNLS without its N-terminal peptid
doi:10.18097/bmcrm00137 fatcat:rjdnnbid7zbwto4tavtjgj637u