Experimental Demonstration and Validation of Hydrogen Production Based on Gasification of Lignocellulosic Feedstock

Jürgen Loipersböck, Markus Luisser, Stefan Müller, Hermann Hofbauer, Reinhard Rauch
2018 ChemEngineering  
The worldwide production of hydrogen in 2010 was estimated to be approximately 50 Mt/a, mostly based on fossil fuels. By using lignocellulosic feedstock, an environmentally friendly hydrogen production route can be established. A flow sheet simulation for a biomass based hydrogen production plant was published in a previous work. The plant layout consisted of a dual fluidized bed gasifier including a gas cooler and a dust filter. Subsequently, a water gas shift plant was installed to enhance
more » ... alled to enhance the hydrogen yield and a biodiesel scrubber was used to remove tars and water from the syngas. CO2 was removed and the gas was compressed to separate hydrogen in a pressure swing adsorption. A steam reformer was used to reform the hydrocarbon-rich tail gas of the pressure swing adsorption and increase the hydrogen yield. Based on this work, a research facility was erected and the results were validated. These results were used to upscale the research plant to a 10 MW fuel feed scale. A validation of the system showed a chemical efficiency of the system of 60% and an overall efficiency of 55%, which indicates the high potential of this technology.
doi:10.3390/chemengineering2040061 fatcat:6z53eioykrb6jlkzuoret55b6y