Regswetenskap en regsfilosofie: 'n onontkombare vennootskap

P. J. Van Niekerk
1992 Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship  
R egsw etensk ap en reg sfilo so fie: 'n onontkom bare vennootskap1 P.J. van Niekerk Dept. Publiekreg en Regsfilosofie Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir CHO PO TCH EFSTROO M Abstract In this article the relationship between legal philosophy and legal science is compared with that o f a partnership which implies that the partners have distinct reciprocal duties. In such a partnership a reformational approach in legal philosophy has the task o f convincing other legal scientists that the form er
more » ... that the form er can m ake a m eaningful contribution towards raising the level o f legal research and education. This does not mean that legal scientists have to become legal philosophers; they do however, have the responsibility to take cognisance o f important basic theoretical insights developed by a reformational legal philosophy. Such an approach could preclude them from attempts to reinvent the legal philosophical wheel, especially if they are prepared to stand on the shoulders o f a long array o f legal philosophical giants. The application o f basic concepts o f a reformational legal philosophy should, however, be done in a creative way in order to prevent them fro m becoming epigones. The danger o f legal philosophical systematics becoming an intellectual straitjacket could only be avoided if it remains open (i) towards its own presuppositions, (ii) towards legal reality encompassing positive law and legal principles, (iii) towards other legal theories and (iv) towards other relevant disciplines. Furthermore, the possibility o f a secularization o f the contributions o f a reformational legal philosophy is discussed. In conclusion the need fo r the acceptance o f dynamic supra-arbitrary legal principles and possible contributions o f a reformational legal philosophy accepting them , is underlined. 4 Vir my eie regsfilosofiese insigte vind ek veral aansluiting by Dooyeweerd (1969,1984); Van Eikema Hommes (1976,1983 en 1986) en Koekkock (1978). Koers 57(4) 1992:483-502 485"
doi:10.4102/koers.v57i4.801 fatcat:6gt7ji3wmnf55p2yapuehe4qji