Design of In-Memory Parallel-Prefix Adders

John Reuben
2021 Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications  
Computational methods in memory array are being researched in many emerging memory technologies to conquer the 'von Neumann bottleneck'. Resistive RAM (ReRAM) is a non-volatile memory, which supports Boolean logic operation, and adders can be implemented as a sequence of Boolean operations in the memory. While many in-memory adders have recently been proposed, their latency is exorbitant for increasing bit-width (O(n)). Decades of research in computer arithmetic have proven parallel-prefix
more » ... ique to be the fastest addition technique in conventional CMOS-based binary adders. This work endeavors to move parallel-prefix addition to the memory array to significantly minimize the latency of in-memory addition. Majority logic was chosen as the fundamental logic primitive and parallel-prefix adders synthesized in majority logic were mapped to the memory array using the proposed algorithm. The proposed algorithm can be used to map any parallel-prefix adder to a memory array and mapping is performed in such a way that the latency of addition is minimized. The proposed algorithm enables addition in O(log(n)) latency in the memory array.
doi:10.3390/jlpea11040045 fatcat:bxqifax5arhizkuljyuacfy73m