Surface Properties of Spray-Assisted Layer-By-Layer ElectroStatic Self-Assembly Treated Wooden Take-Off Board

Yi Wan, Sijie Hou, Mengyao Guo, Yanchun Fu
2021 Applied Sciences  
Wooden take-off board is easy to crack, deform, discolor, and decay when it is used outdoors, which not only increases maintenance costs but also reduces its service life. Multifunctional coatings with UV-resistant, water-repellent, and flame-retardant properties were successfully obtained on the surface of a wooden take-off board substrate by spray-assisted layer-by-layer self-assembly. The coatings consisted of positively-charged chitosan, Al (OH)3, and negatively-charged sodium phytate
more » ... odium phytate through electrostatic adsorption several times. The treated wood exhibited high UV resistance, and the color remained constant after 720 hours of ultraviolet irradiation. The wettability of the wood surface after treatment became superhydrophobic, with initial static contact angles as high as 140°. In addition, limiting oxygen index and air exposure combustion tests were used to verify that chitosan, sodium phytate, and aluminum hydroxide could synergistically confer significant fire resistance to modified wood.
doi:10.3390/app11020836 fatcat:ldzyg5rvrfa23njtaljawz3zoy