Tea Chests of Tinplate

1896 Scientific American  
Exhibition, when there was a lamp with tilting clock w < !rJ d n it, shown by.Mr. Bro(lkie; a lamp which was never extensivply employed, because Mr. Brackie went onto higher things. . ' (To be continued.) . upon the bottles of Guinness, Bass, or Schweppe. 'l'he .firms thus affected have appointed an expert lawyer of TINPLATE manufacturers abroad ·have been casting Alexandria to protect their interests as far as possible, about for new lllal'kets for their prod uct, and a eon· This ag<nt in
more » ... ning the books of only one mak. r sidera ble' demand has been created for plates foI' the discovtr, d that 61,650 bottles of soi-disant Bass'bPH manufacture of tea chests. A company in Glasgow is had bpen sold in three and ah aH y�ars. Th ... cOlltents doing a large trade in metal tea chest" whieh are sent of tbe bottl· s were generally of a most noxions natur,'. CONTINUOUS ELECTRIC SMELTING out to India at a cost of 84 cents each. Two �' ears ago -Lei�ure Hour . . FURNACE. when · this compauy commenced· the. manufacture of these chests, the orders amounted to 1, 750,0 0 pounds; ELECTRIC smelting proeesses as now generally carried in 1894 this amount had increased to 10,0()0.OUO pounus. on are discontinuous in their nature; that is to say, and orders for 30,000,000 pounds were eounted upon the furnace is charged with a given amount of mineral for 1895. 'fhe prinl'ipal obstacle enr·ountered, says the to be reduced or converteri, and whell the process is Philadelphia RecJrd, is the difficulty of getting tea complete the furnace is emptied and a new charge iIlmerchants to adopt the new idea. In the opinion of serted. This method of working usually puts the furthe largest dealers in tea, the chit'f objection has its nace out of actual operation for some time, so far as root in the inadaptability of the metal chest. It can actual smelting is concerned, and to that extent ennot be manipulattd so easily as if it were made of tails a los� of time. To. effect a desired economv in wood. Thl-' difficulry, however, might ea�ily be over this respect, Mr. J. A. Vincent, of Philadelphia. Pa., come by having on hand a supply of chests varying © 1896 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. We al.o send,Jree of charge, a Synop8is of Foreign Patent Law_, "bow ing the cost and method of securing patents in all the principal countrIes of the world.'
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