Time-Series Classification based on Fusion Features of Sequence and Visualization

Baoquan Wang, Tonghai Jiang, Xi Zhou, Bo Ma, Fan Zhao, Yi Wang
2020 Applied Sciences  
For the task of time-series data classification (TSC), some methods directly classify raw time-series (TS) data. However, certain sequence features are not evident in the time domain and the human brain can extract visual features based on visualization to classify data. Therefore, some researchers have converted TS data to image data and used image processing methods for TSC. While human perceptionconsists of a combination of human senses from different aspects, existing methods only use
more » ... hods only use sequence features or visualization features. Therefore, this paper proposes a framework for TSC based on fusion features (TSC-FF) of sequence features extracted from raw TS and visualization features extracted from Area Graphs converted from TS. Deep learning methods have been proven to be useful tools for automatically learning features from data; therefore, we use long short-term memory with an attention mechanism (LSTM-A) to learn sequence features and a convolutional neural network with an attention mechanism (CNN-A) for visualization features, in order to imitate the human brain. In addition, we use the simplest visualization method of Area Graph for visualization features extraction, avoiding loss of information and additional computational cost. This article aims to prove that using deep neural networks to learn features from different aspects and fusing them can replace complex, artificially constructed features, as well as remove the bias due to manually designed features, in order to avoid the limitations of domain knowledge. Experiments on several open data sets show that the framework achieves promising results, compared with other methods.
doi:10.3390/app10124124 fatcat:5fhgo7nwqbhitfyuhjnxhs7fke