Elimination of nuclear war threat is the Precondition of Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Kang Mun Ryol
2011 Mongolian Journal of International Affairs  
F irst of all, let me express thanks again to the Mongolian Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear Weapons for inviting us to this meeting. Today making Northeast Asia nuclear free zone is one of the urgent issues to ensure peace and security in the world and it is the international trends. Denuclearized Northeast Asia will remove the danger of a nuclear war and will contribute to bringing about peace in Asia and rest of the world. Even though 10 years have passed since the end of the cold war,
more » ... of the cold war, the reliance of nuclear free world while turning away their eyes to the issue of nuclear threat by nuclear weapon states, in particularly the US. Therefore, if we desire non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and creation of nuclear free world, we should make an issue with the policy of threat of nuclear war of the US. What the non-nuclear weapon states demand is that they want unconditional assurance of not-to-use nuclear weapons from nuclear weapons state in all circumstances. Today many countries are strengthening self-defensive capabilities because any kind of arms control mechanism including NPT can not guarantee the security of non-nuclear weapons state. The denuclearization of Korean Peninsula can not be realized only by abandoning nuclear weapons program of the DPRK. The DPRK is so small country that is under the constant military and nuclear treat of the US. At the present stage, the main point to resolve the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula is that the US should renounce the threat of nuclear war and abandon the hostile policy towards the DPRK.
doi:10.5564/mjia.v0i14.26 fatcat:b3fefukls5dktmofwl5m6l5ici