BPMN: A meta model for the Happy Path [component]

Bollen P.W.L.
2010 unpublished
Recently, the OMG has been working on developing a new standard for a business process management notation (BPMN). This standard development results in documents that contain the newest approved version of a standard or a standard proposal that can be ammended. It is our vision that such a standard document, that also serves as a specification for BPMN modeling tool developers could benefit from a fact-oriented model in which the same domain knowledge is represented conceptually as a list of
more » ... lly as a list of concept definitions (including naming conventions), a set of information structure diagrams and the constraints or business rules that govern the instances of the information structure diagrams. In this paper we will show precisely, how such a fact-oriented conceptual view on a standard document can be created, and we will show how a fact-oriented approach can improve the completeness of a specification.
doi:10.26481/umamet.2010003 fatcat:z4rgy4e4bbfqhjifsfabgtautm