Automobile Radiator's Engineering and Analysation

The shape of a radiator cover is crucial either in determining the pattern of air flow or in increasing the same through the radiator core thereby increasing the thermal efficiency, thus making it a necessity to understand it. Moreover the parts circumjacent to the core namely the upper tank, lower tank, cooling fan, fins, tubes, etc promote the air flow rate. Also it is to note that the air flow rate of discharge gases from radiator core is one of the prime factors in determining the
more » ... cooling system. Initially factors such as temperature, pressure, air flow rate that affect the performance are obtained in order to derive out the entities of operation. One of the observations that can be made through this paper is that as the volume of the coolant increases, the rate of heat dissipation increases, also parameters like inlet temperature and volume flow rate of coolant, air velocity, temperature drop and drop in pressure of coolant are factors that contribute in radiator performance evidently.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.d1894.039520 fatcat:kn4vfdxgvfar7kl2oqfuxvikxm