Art Of Speech As The Media Of Da'Wah

Febri Yulika
2017 Zenodo  
Islam is a religion that arranges all aspects of human life. The universality principle of Islam which the value of truth can be applied for all times, it must be delivered in accordance with the development of human. In this case, da'waa activities is a form of information delivery system of Islam and must be understood and accepted by the adherents. Alquran and Hadist are the main references that use by Da'i to teach Islam, however, there are no fixed rules of the way delivering da'waa that
more » ... plicitly written in both sources. Related to the breadth of da'waa's segmentation, the media and the method of da'waa also developing and varies widely according to the creativity, innovation, and improvisation of the Da'i it self. Recently, one of the da'waa creativity that step into information technology area is by using music as a media to teach Islam. Through Musics and songs, Da'i had succeeded to bring out the adaptive da'waa concept. This paper intends to break down the discourse of the validity of art and its various variants. Instead of denying the existence of art, it can be the media and a new methods that can be used for the purposes of Da'waa.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1490635 fatcat:klxnua5d2nh4joupbalagvkoey