Production Of Clariid Brood Stock In Makurdi: Status, Constraints And Implications On Aquaculture In Nigeria

Lord Tertese Angahar
2017 Zenodo  
The availability of quality brood stock is a prerequisite to high quality fish seeds production. Several studies reported that there is shortage of quality Clariid brood stock in Nigeria. But there is no study which quantified the brood stock production status in Nigeria. This study was conducted in Makurdi, the capital of Benue state. The state is ranked among top to ten aquaculture producing states in Nigeria. A well structure questionnaire was designed and used for the study, as the
more » ... dy, as the instrument for data collection. This instrument was subjected to content validity. A total of 46 fish farms were purposively sampled. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study found that only 11 % fish farms in Makurdi Nigeria produce Clariid brood fish with an estimated production of 945 stocks per annum, while 89 % of farms do not produce fish brood stock. Gross shortage of brood fish was reported by 88.64 % of fish farmers. Although 59.09 % of the studied population source fingerlings from hatcheries, 40.91 % still relies on wild stock, particular from River Benue. Revealed constraints to brood stock production were: Poor knowledge and techniques for rearing brood stock, the long period of keeping fish to attain sexual maturity, which discourage most farmers, and lack of suitable culture facilities for brood fish. The most cultured species were Clarias sp., (50.00%), and Heterobranchus sp., (22.75%). Heteroclarias hybrid and Oreochromis niloticus had 13.64 % and 11.36 % culture respectively. The categories of fish farms observed in the study area from: Large scale, Medium scale, Small scale and Subsistence level had 13. 64%, 40.91%, 29.55% and 15.91 % respectively. The study also found that 45.45% of the respondents had 4-6 years fish farming experience, 18.18 % had 1-3 years' experience, 13.64 % had 7-9 years' experience, while 11.36 % had 10 years and above experience, same with few new entrants. This paper call on the Nigerian government at the Federal and State levels to produce and equip Aquaculture Extensi [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1009058 fatcat:4yl2w6l3hra3hn2eungju3nata