A Web-based Tool for Operational Decision Making and IWRM

S. Buitrago, T. Franken, G. Leyssen, S. Osorio, S. Smets, D. Restrepo, H. Triana, A. Chaparro
2016 Procedia Engineering  
This article presents a web-based tool for operational decision making and water management planning. The tool was designed and implemented to address the management and modelling stakeholder's needs of Bogotá river basin. In general, the system is composed by two entities: a backend and a frontend, which are loosely coupled by an API. The backend incorporates the management, processing and storage of the water data. Within this component the water data will flow through a set of modules, such
more » ... t of modules, such as: processing routines, water models and a multi criteria analysis module. Moreover, the backend steers a set of exiting water models, such as: Water Balance model, hydrological and hydrodynamic models, water quality and groundwater model. The frontend is the platform component visible and accessible to the user (stakeholder). With it, the users will be able to see monitored data, partially configure the water models, run model trains and see their results and evaluate different planning strategies. The frontend was implemented on a web-based environment, this is advantageous as the frontend component is platform independent. This means, the stakeholder will only need web browser to access the platform. Moreover, it will be possible to benefit from cutting-edge web technologies to produce visualizations and displays, and in this way offer the stakeholder a suitable user experience. After the implementation, the stakeholders made use of the system operationally and their experiences are also present.
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2016.07.417 fatcat:hpqudk6a5jf7xa7v3wbz7mujj4