Parametric Study on Eco-Friendly Bricks

Bhavin Dhonde, Vijay R. Panchal, Dr. Janki Thakker
Every year about 1.3 trillion bricks are manufactured in, and the world of which at least 10% are made in coal fired kilns, releasing about 800 million tons of CO2 annually. Eco-friendly bricks help to reduce the emission of CO2 in environment. Another aspect is to utilize waste materials and by products such as fly-ash, rice-husk, chopped straw etc., which are cheaper and easily available. These materials should help to achieve better properties for bricks. Another aim is to reduce the
more » ... e problem in present eco-friendly bricks by adding waste products and increase in the strength and serviceability of present eco-friendly bricks. In this study we utilize different materials with varying percentage to produce eco-friendly bricks with improved properties. Shrinkage of the present eco- friendly bricks was reduced by adding rice-husk (RH) and chopped-straw (CS). The highest strength of the brick was achieved.
doi:10.29007/dskr fatcat:q2s5fhqxdjfibkehi37otabl24