Synthese und Kristallstruktur von N,N′-Bis(trimethylsilyl)benzamidinato-dichlorogold, Ph— C(NSiMe3)2AuCl2 / Synthesis and Crystal Structure of N,N′-Bis(trimethylsilyl)benzamidinato-dichlorogold, Ph — C(NSiMe3)2AuCl2

Wolfgang Hiller, Joachim Strähle, Alfred Zinn, Kurt Dehnicke
1989 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. B, A journal of chemical sciences  
Ph—C(NSiMe3)2AuCl2 has been prepared by the reaction of N,N,N′-tris(trimethylsilyl)-benzamidine with AuCl3 in CH2Cl2 suspension, forming orange-red crystals, which were characterized by an X-ray structure determination. Space group P21/n, Z = 4, 2358 observed independent reflexions, R = 0.028. Lattice dimensions (20°C): a = 695.9(3); b = 1576.1(3); c = 1830.9(3) pm; β = 94.27(3)°. The compound forms monomeric molecules, in which the gold atom is in a square planar arrangement of the two
more » ... of the two nitrogen atoms of the benzamidinato chelate (Au—N 201.6(7); 203.3(6) pm) and by two chlorine atoms (Au—Cl 227.9(3); 228.5(2) pm).
doi:10.1515/znb-1989-0901 fatcat:mzdg3ce2gvfbxeh4vtt7c6rb5q