A Study on the Deperm Protocols Considering Demagnetizing Field of a Ferromagnetic Material

Hye Sun Ju, Hyuk Won, Hyun Ju Chung, Gwan Soo Park
2014 Journal of Magnetics  
Magnetic materials with large coercive force and high squareness ratio are currently developing to meet an industrial demand. Since a ferromagnetic material has hysteresis characteristics, it is hard to demagnetize a ferromagnetic material precisely. In this paper, we describe deperm processes and conduct an analysis of residual magnetization of ferromagnetic material using the Preisach modeling with a two-dimensional finite elements method (FEM). From the results, it was shown that an
more » ... al decrement form of deperm protocol is more efficient than a linear decrement form because of the demagnetizing field in the ferromagnetic material.
doi:10.4283/jmag.2014.19.1.043 fatcat:6gbevdi2tbgkdb223vuefectja