Employing Meditative Practices to Cultivate the Discomfort Resilience and Fierce Compassion Necessary to Uproot Racism [post]

Kamilah Majied
2023 unpublished
Through heartful and engaged meditation practice, we may encounter painful emotions such as fear, grief, shame, anger, and self-loathing. Our mindful practices may thus become a source for developing discomfort resilience. Discomfort resilience is essential to our efforts to engage with others through meditative practices in order to end racism. This essay describes methods for the development of discomfort resilience and fierce compassion in service to our work to transform racism in our
more » ... or lives, in our interpersonal exchanges, and in the world around us.
doi:10.31231/osf.io/mdp8z fatcat:crdoktdtrbd2dktzbbnanza6s4