Obtaining a black pericarp and improved aroma using genetic resources from Leum Pua rice

Rattikarn Kerdphol, Tanee Sreewongchai, Prapa Sripichitt, Saovaluck Uckarach, Fisseha Worede
2015 ScienceAsia  
Leum Pua, a glutinous rice variety with black pericarp, contains anthocyanin compounds capable of reducing cancer risk. The cooked Leum Pua rice is soft, aromatic, and tasty, but the plant is tall, vulnerable to lodging, and of low yield. This study reports a new rice line carrying the non-glutinous and semi-dwarf traits from IR64, with the aromatic and black pericarp characteristics of Leum Pua. A cross between Leum Pua and IR64 was made to produce F 1 progenies and 87 BC 1 F 1 plants were
more » ... F 1 plants were developed by backcrossing the F 1 with IR64. DNA markers Naro1 and Glu_6 were used to select for aroma and non-glutinous traits, respectively. The black pericarp and semi-dwarf traits were selected by visual observation. From the 87 plants of the BC 1 F 1 population, 43 plants were selected for aroma, out of which 4 had black pericarp. All these plants were backcrossed to IR64 to produce a BC 2 F 1 population. A total of 55 BC 2 F 1 plants were selected by DNA markers and visual observation, and only 1 plant for aroma and black pericarp was selected. Then 46 plants of the BC 2 F 2 population were obtained by selfing of the BC 2 F 1 population. The nonglutinous and semi-dwarf traits were maintained by backcrossing. Finally, 6 plants having semi-dwarf, non-glutinous, black pericarp, and aromatic traits were selected. These rice lines are candidates for new rice lines with higher yield potential than the Leum Pua rice variety.
doi:10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2015.41.093 fatcat:v53b6q3wo5c5rp5gj5ecf7pkza