Phosphorus (V) porphyrin diaxially substituted with Leu-enkephalin

Mariusz Gajewski, Leszek Czuchajowski
2004 Open Chemistry  
AbstractSynthesis of the first phosphorus (V) porphyrin-peptide conjugate was successfully accomplished. A biologically active peptide, leucine enkephalin, was constructed on the phosphorus atom of the 5,10,15,20-meso-tetraphenylporphinato dichlorophosphorus (V) chloride. The method involved solution phase peptide synthesis. The first C-terminal amino acid in the sequence of the peptide was axially attached to the porphyrin through a linker, 3-aminopropanol, and the remainder of leucine
more » ... of leucine enkephalin was synthesized by subsequent additions of amino acids. Leucine enkephalin-P(V) porphyrin conjugate represents a new group of compounds, and its synthesis broadens potential applications of P(V) porphyrine, e.g. in photodynamic therapy.
doi:10.2478/bf02476200 fatcat:7setkw3zovbrrkgymapixhguga