A Comparative Study of Energy Performance of Fumed Silica Vacuum Insulation Panels in an Apartment Building

Taesub Lim, Jaewang Seok, Daeung Kim
2017 Energies  
Building insulation materials has a significant impact on building energy consumptions. However, conventional materials are easily flammable and can cause fire disasters in buildings. Therefore, it is important to select appropriate insulation materials for building energy efficiency and safety and Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) are increasingly applied to building insulation. Considering this, the present study investigates energy performance of VIPs with design alternatives, such as window
more » ... s, such as window systems, infiltration rates, etc., by using energy simulation. Among various VIPs, fumes silica VIPs were chosen. In addition, eight combinations were compared to find the best energy efficient design conditions. The results of the present study showed that building energy performance can be improved with an appropriate combination of design options including fumed silica VIPs.
doi:10.3390/en10122000 fatcat:jggjmp3ce5ftnhh2fhdd44l2gy