Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Solid Coupling Effect of Homogeneous Earth-Rock Dam in the Process of Water Release

Yu Le, Liu Jianjun, Lu Jiang
Great changes in seepage and stress fields of dam may occur in the process of water release, which could generate huge influence on stability of dam. In all likelihood, the trend is not restricted to qualitative analysis, but is also the quantities evaluation. Characteristics of seepage and stress fields of the earth-rock dam and their coupling effect are simulated by the Geo-slope software based on theory of fluid-solid coupling. Moreover, compared with single seepage field, parameters of two
more » ... parameters of two conditions are obtained comparatively by the numerical simulation. And these parameters include the head distribution, the velocity distribution, and the change of saturation line during water release, pressure head, and the pore water pressure. Eventually, during water release, in comparison with the single seepage field, the magnitude of pressure head is slightly larger, and the overall varied position of saturation line is also higher in coupling effect. Similarly, the pore-water pressure increases faster. In essence, it is just right reflected that the stress has a strong influence on the porosity, and even then it influences the seepage field. Research shows that results can provide a reference for the engineering construction.