Solidarity and Justice

Jordana Silverstein
2022 Lilith: A Feminist History Journal  
My first thought: what is 'doing feminism'? My next thought: 'what is feminism'? I suppose 'doing feminism' could indicate an orientation, a set of work that we undertake, an emotional connection, a way of thinking about the world and putting it into practice. Do I 'do feminism'? I am unsure. I'm certain that I (try to) 'do' solidarity, and work towards justice and orient myself towards those others with whom I want to be in partnership. That I critique and question. That I try to enact a form
more » ... f Jewishness-Jewish memory, history, politics, femininity and embodiment-that is beautiful and imaginative. 3 See The Dhadjowa Foundation, 4 'Veronica Marie Nelson: Inquest begins today', VALS, 26 April 2022,
doi:10.22459/lfhj.28.12 fatcat:nxuq2zjicjabhapo6kjlj64zq4