Linear Diamides Derivative-Nucleated Biodegradable Poly(ethylene succinate) Polyester: Crystallization Kinetics and Aggregated Structure Manipulated by Hydrogen Bond Interaction [post]

Shanshan Zhou, Yongyan Sun, Huimin Ma, Chunfeng Jia, Xiaoyu Sun, Yubin Yang, Juan Liu, Jinjun Yang
2021 unpublished
A linear diamides derivative (TMC300) as a nucleating agent (NA) was incorporated into biodegradable poly(ethylene succinate) (PES) to investigate effect of TMC300 on nucleation, crystallizability, crystallization kinetics, aggregated structure of PES. TMC300 enhanced significantly crystallizability and crystallization temperature of PES in cooling process at a rate of 10 ℃/min from molten state, indicating that TMC300 exhibits an excellent nucleation effect on PES. IR measurement suggested
more » ... TMC300 interacts with amorphous carbonyl and ester group, and crystalline CH2 group of PES via hydrogen bond. Change rate of carbonyl group is comparable to that of C‒C backbone of PES, regardless of the presence or absence of TMC300. Small difference of diffraction peak in WAXD measurement between neat PES and PES/TMC300 is probably attributed to spherulitic orientation on film surface of neat PES, and different spatial arrangements in the same crystal lattice. TMC300 enhanced carbon residue yield of PES/TMC300 composite, probably related to slight flame retardance effect.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:t2rqtceddbhjjfelxf6i6j54kq