Working (with) the Dead: Agency and its Absence in the Use of the Found Image

Andrew Dearman
The making of meaning – or the telling of a story – in visual art practice of-ten involves an elaborate performance of the space between multiple sites, such as the viewer, the image/object, and the maker. Likewise a conventional understanding of collaborative practice is one in which a relationship between multiple sites of agency is performed within agreed upon boundaries, whether they be contextual, conceptual or material. This performative and collaborative space becomes interestingly
more » ... matic when one site is much less active than the other – when one is in fact dead. With this, the relationship between now and then becomes relevant to the discussion, as the making of meaning becomes a collaborative practice of memory.
doi:10.4225/03/592277e4dae09 fatcat:54dvpf3qpfgzhc3axy3k74btba