Class of regular bouncing cosmologies

Milovan Vasilić
2017 Physical Review D  
In this paper, I construct a class of everywhere regular geometric sigma models that possess bouncing solutions. Precisely, I show that every bouncing metric can be made a solution of such a model. My previous attempt to do so by employing one scalar field has failed due to the appearance of harmful singularities near the bounce. In this work, I use four scalar fields to construct a class of geometric sigma models which are free of singularities. The models within the class are parametrized by
more » ... heir background geometries. I prove that, whatever background is chosen, the dynamics of its small perturbations is classically stable on the whole time axes. Contrary to what one expects from the structure of the initial Lagrangian, the physics of background fluctuations is found to carry 2 tensor, 2 vector and 2 scalar degrees of freedom. The graviton mass, that naturally appears in these models, is shown to be several orders of magnitude smaller than its experimental bound. I provide three simple examples to demonstrate how this is done in practice. In particular, I show that graviton mass can be made arbitrarily small.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.95.123506 fatcat:kn4chw5vybazthhrakh6bzgtye