Road Information Collector Using Smartphone for Measuring Road Width Based on Object and Lane Detection

Surya Michrandi Nasution, Emir Husni, Kuspriyanto Kuspriyanto, Rahadian Yusuf, Rahmat Mulyawan
2020 International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies  
This paper proposed an application for Android smartphone to collect road information. That information will be extracted to acquire road width, so the drivers could use right alternate routes for their types of vehicle. Object and lane detection are both used for obtaining road width when lane boundaries are detected in road image otherwise, road width is obtained using a vanishing point method. The average error rate for road width measurement using object and lane detection is 19.71%.
more » ... n is 19.71%. Meanwhile, the average error rate when there is no lane boundary is in the range of 10-15%, 8-18%, and 10-19% for various capturing sides. Reclassification of the road is done when the error rate of road width is set. Accuracy of road category reclassification is in the range of 70-75% in various sides.
doi:10.3991/ijim.v14i02.11530 fatcat:mvtfaucebjfzlm6acsvmszrx2e