4. Project Status

1988 Publications Astronomical Society of Australia  
The LYMAN project has been the subject of industrial Phase A studies in both Australia, and within ESA. These studies have demonstrated an extremely useful international collaboration, as well as a very successful collaboration between University and Industry. Working together, we have identified all critical problems of feasibility, and have developed at least one, usually more than one, method of overcoming these while remaining within the cost and complexity envelope of the overall mission.
more » ... he LYMAN mission will be the subject of a competitive selection process within ESA at the end of November 1988. One of five projects will be selected to go forward into later phases. However, the Australian LSWG are confident that, with the enormous support that the LYMAN project commands on both sides of the Atlantic, with the tremendous scientific merit of the proposed mission, and with the demonstration of feasibility of the mission in two separate Phase A studies, that LYMAN will be the successful candidate.
doi:10.1017/s1323358000022402 fatcat:q5h5oyoc5bewjheailbumzkmwi