The status of the time warp operating system

D. Jefferson, F. Wieland, H. Younger, B. Beckman, L. Blume, M. Diloreto, P. Hontalas, P. Reiher, K. Sturdevant, J. Tupman, J. Wedel
1988 Proceedings of the third conference on Hypercube concurrent computers and applications Architecture, software, computer systems, and general issues -  
The Time Warp Operating System (TWOS) is a special-purpose operating system designed to support parallel discrete event simulation. It has been under experimental development at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for four years, and runs primarily on the JPL/Caltech Mark III Hypercube, although it has been ported to several other systems. Its main distinction is that it incorporates a full implementation of the Time Warp mechanism, which is based on the unusual synchronization primitives of process
more » ... ollback and messageantimessage annihilation. In this paper we discuss the status of the TWOS project at JPL, and present preliminary data from some of the performance experiments we have conducted on a Pool Balls benchmark, along with our analysis of them.
doi:10.1145/62297.62392 fatcat:ppfi2p6dibbuze6iay2wftyywi