REMARKS ON THE NEED OF MORE EFFICIENT PROTECTION OF THE EYE AFTER CATARACT EXTRACTION, AND AN IMPROVED APPARATUS FOR THE PURPOSE.Read in the Section of Ophthalmology, at the Forty-second Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, held at Washington, D. C., May 5-8, 1891

1891 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
any and all personal liberties after important op¬ erations on the eye, that for cataract in particu¬ lar. The great secret, in my opinion, lies in a well performed operation in a properly selected case, then closing the lids naturally over the globe and retaining them there by the simplest means, and molesting the eye as little as possible until union of the corneal section has taken place and all will have been done that it is in the power of the surgeon to do to aid Nature in her efforts at
more » ... in her efforts at repair, As to confinement in bed, the exclusion of light, closely confining both eyes, and any and all personal restraints that bring discomfort, they play no important part in the final results and are both cruel to the patient and useless. While allowing my patients these greater lib¬ erties and additional comforts I have at the same time seen no unsatisfactory results that could in any way be attributed to them. •In fact I have had fewer complications after extraction since doing them in my office than ever before in my experience. I feel confident that a fair and reasonable trial of the methods I have here described will con¬ vince any one that they are not only safe, but that he will be greatly pleased with the conven¬ ience and satisfaction they will afford him, while he will have added the gratitude and appreciation of his patients for converting such hitherto formidable operations into seemingly simple ones.
doi:10.1001/jama.1891.02410870019001e fatcat:xrsv3byw2naqxcplkurwbwndhi